Paradise Express: A 3-Hour Snorkeling Excursion fajardo, Puerto Rico

Serenity Sea Tours

Paradise Express: A 3-Hour Snorkeling Excursion Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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Enjoy a quick nice morning or afternoon tour to one of many islands with just  12-15 min travel time to or from paradise! 

Find out all you can do in just 3 hours of beach and/or snorkeling when paradise is so close!  3-H Tours are composed of visiting one of the Cordillera Del Este Islands in the style and comfort of our Luxury COBALT cruisers with space for up to 6. 

We recommend 2 Stops (1 Beach, 1 Snorkeling), but ultimately You decide however you want to distribute your time. We provide Drinks, gourmet snacks and snorkeling gear.  

 Serenity Sea Tours.

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