Opal´s Dream introductory diving course in Cozumel cozumel, Mexico

Opal´s Dream

Opal´s Dream introductory diving course in Cozumel Cozumel, Mexico

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Our team of experts helps you adapt to the world of scuba and allows you to be feel like part of the sea. This program is designed to give an introduction to diving. We give a brief introductory explanation of the scuba and then we get you into the water to perform the arts. After learning some new skills and diving in shallow waters we will take a short trip to the diving locactions. The introduction course lasts about 2 hours.

We are dedicated to bringing you the wonders of diving the gorgeous reefs of Cozumel Mexico whether you are new to diving or a “Salted” Veteran. With over 30 dive sites there is something for everyone!


 Opal´s Dream.

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