One Day Spanish and Cooking Lessons sucre, Bolivia

Open Spanish School

One Day Spanish and Cooking Lessons Sucre, Bolivia

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If you want to take just one day to learn Spanish, this course gives you the opportunity to do so in a friendly and family environment. Either you are beginner or advanced student we will tailor the classes to your needs.

During one day course you can practice grammar, understanding, and conversational skills wh­ich is our main focus (reading and writing are optional). The program fee includes Spanish lessons, cooking class combined with lunch (you eat what you cook), and additional socio- cultural activities in the afternoon: city tours, Spanish cinema, etc.

Our goal is to create an optimal learning environment allowing our students to learn and fully enjoy their experience. All of our instruction is private one-to-one lessons with tailor-made curriculum to meet the needs of each student. Teaching is balanced between the areas of writing, reading, and grammar, but we place special emphasis on developing conversation skills. Our focus is not only on learning Spanish from a text book but also on the real world experiences of our teachers. Topics include Bolivian history and culture, as well as current social and political issues.

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