Museum of el Poncho, discover the magic of Bolivian Andean textile copacabana, Bolivia

Museo Del Poncho

Museum of el Poncho, discover the magic of Bolivian Andean textile Copacabana, Bolivia

Museo del Poncho  00353733

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Poncho starts showing at all stages, the process of preparing the tissue in the Bolivian Andes. The history and structure of the poncho is then observed.

Subsequently a tour that allows you to appreciate the wide variety of textiles dedicated to the exercise of male authority starts.

At the northern Andes reds Ponchos Amarete be seen next to pallay Kallawayas poncho with its black tables conjure evil while in their ch'uspas and qapachos saved coca leaves that allow them to read the future of the Andes.

The Aymara region bordering the Titicaca extends to beyond the salt flats shown in their ponchos wide variety of color, size and design; are elements that speak of caciques, gods and people like Calamarca, Colquencha, Achiri, Carangas, and many others.

Ponchos provinces Inquisivi Larecaja and then appreciate; the Midwest, today part of the department of Cochabamba appreciate called Jesuit ponchos, the Bolivar, the former Quiquiawi and Tapacari.

On the ground floor sign with Northern Potosí region with more variety of ponchos that the country starts. The use of color speaks of usage occasions and backgrounds of users, are the ponchos of stains, sakakas, laymis, jukumanis, chayantakas, qaqachakas, etc.

The south is rich in color and design their ponchos: San Lucas and Betanzos with inkas star ñawi ñawis. Presto, Candelaria and Vila Vila that trap kuwichis (rainbow), Los Jalq'as that trap khurus in their pallayes (figures), and the sobriety of the Andean ikats of Caiza, Toropalca, Kalcha and more.

 Museo del Poncho.

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