Mountain biking adventure from Cusco to Machu Picchu lima, Peru

Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking

Mountain biking adventure from Cusco to Machu Picchu Lima, Peru

Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking  009481325

This is our famous "Back Door" mountain bike ride to Machu Picchu, but on a shortened version for those with less time available in their schedule or who wish to economize a bit by planning part of their own trip. Departing from Cusco at 7am, we arrive at Ollantaytambo at 8.30am where we will have a free continental breakfast before driving one hour up to Abra Malaga (4316m, 14,150 feet) where you will begin your descent. First though, our guides will get the bikes and safety equipment sorted and give us complete instructions and assistance in how to enjoy the ride safely. Starting from the foot of the massive Veronica glacier, we will begin this amazing downhill to the jungle (there is some short singletrack sections up near the pass but the rest of the ride is on a combination of newly paved, and rugged dirt roads).

Along the way are spectacular views, Incan ruins, and an increasingly jungle-like terrain and culture as we whiz down the road. After a quality and hearty lunch at our favorite Incan site, those who are a bit tuckered out (or don t fancy riding some uphills) can hop in the support vehicle, while others can continue on biking, with some short climbs of just a kilometer or two along an increasingly dusty road, before the final downhill plunge into the town of St. Maria. From the pass of Abra Malaga, this takes between 3 to 4 hours. The tour officially ends here, but first we will help you get situated with everything you need to know to continue on to Machu Picchu. The first decision is whether you wish to relax, slow down, and spend the night in St. Maria (hostels cost 15 soles and under) or continue the hour and a half rugged journey on local transport to St. Theresa, where there are a few hostals to stay at.

 Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking.

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