Maido - Welcome to our Japanese restaurant lima, Peru

Maido Cocina Japonesa & Nikkei

Maido - Welcome to our Japanese restaurant Lima, Peru

Maido Cocina Japonesa & Nikkei  009791377
In Japan there are many ways to say " welcome " but none has as much meaning as " Maido " . This phrase not only gives the name to the restaurant but also sums up the feeling of making every customer feel at home.
You can only create new culinary trends when tradition is respected, so as Maido , a restaurant where the cook is not the protagonist , but the quality of the ingredients sure are the main focus. We work to provide our customers experience the Nikkei cuisine. This wonderful cuisine reflects Japanese influence in our cuisine. Japanese ingredients and Peruvian ingredients complement eachother harmoniously, its an honest kitchen with original textures and flavors .

 Maido Cocina Japonesa & Nikkei.

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