Loving Arms Charitable Organization antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

Loving Arms

Loving Arms Charitable Organization Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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The Loving Arms Charitable Corporation is a non-profit organization established in Canada for the sole purpose of helping the people of Guatemala. The organization was founded in 2005, incorporated in 2007 and registered in 2008. Loving Arms is in the process of registering as a Guatemalan NGO. 

LOVING ARMS’ vision is to not only assist families by meeting their immediate needs of food, education and medical and dental care but to enable them to become self sufficient by providing sustainable income-generating opportunities. When the Loving Arms' property in Guatemala is fully developed, the 6 surrounding villages will be serviced by their clinics, training and children’s home.

LOVING ARMS sponsors 117 Children each month by providing food, shoes, clothing, medical and dental check-ups, and gifts for special occasions. They have 24 students enrolled in the scholarship program at various stages of education. Over the past several years, they have provided 1000 school bags containing supplies essential for allowing Guatemalan children to attend school.

Guatemala is roughly the same size as Newfoundland, but with the population that is almost three times larger. Eighty percent of the people live below the poverty line and half of the population is under the age of 14. Loving Arms works in the municipality of Parramos, in the region of Chimaltenango, which is about an hour-and-a-half southwest of Guatemala City.

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