Let them choose and you'll still look great! antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

1010 Experiencias

Let them choose and you'll still look great! Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

1010 EXPERIENCIAS  001822141


Gift a 1010 Experiences Gift Card for any occasion and spend less time shopping and more time enjoying the company of your loved ones!

1010 Gift Cards can be used to purchase any experiences on our website!   

Can it be used to buy something that costs less or more?

With the Gift Card, you can to choose any experience of the same value or less. If there is a remaining balance, this will be credited to your 1010 community account. If the beneficiary would like to purchase a more expensive experience they will have the option to call us and add more credit to their account.

Is your loved one far away?

No problem! Send them an INSTANT GIFT via 1010 electronic gift voucher or program to send the e-gift on a specific date. 

How about a gift wrapped experience?  

Absoluuutely darling. In the check out process you will have the option add a beautiful gift box to your shopping cart and ship the experience to their home address. Otherwise, we’ll ship it to your home or office address and you can deliver your surprise personally :)

Easy peasy lemon squeezy? 

Buy your birthday, anniversary, thank you and holiday experience gifts with us!



Hang on a second!
Don´t forget to personalize your gift with a message to your loved one and send your instant gift via email. Need a snazy gift box? No problem, make sure to add a 1010 gift box to your shopping cart, we´ll deliver it to where it needs to go.
What about the reservation date?
You don´t have to worry about that. Your beneficiary will make their appointment directly with the experience provider. Their contact information is provided on the gift voucher.
Some experiences such as hotel stays will give you the option of reserving & purchasing at the same time, just click on the BOOK NOW button and follow the steps.


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