learn to Sail and cruise in our school in Rio Dulce rio-dulce, Guatemala

Riovela Boat Club

learn to Sail and cruise in our school in Rio Dulce Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Riovela Boat Club  001661294

Riovela seeks to make navigation an escape rather than a nuisance. Navigation is supposed to be about relaxing, connecting with friends and creating fond memories for a lifetime.

Sailing Instructions

Workshop 1-6 days theoretical and practical instruction in navigation and sailing tours .

Basic training in sailing Riovela 8 – 18 feet. Navigation yachts 30-45 feet students manning a yacht of greater length and learn to sail the boat team. Upon completing the course receive a certificate of participation , allowing them to rent a sailboat Riovela for a walk on a future visit to the river.


For those interested in a cruising experience, we offer a course of 6 days , leaving Livingston big sailboat up to 50 feet .
Navigation techniques are practiced, including night sailing , sailing near reefs, navigation techniques storm, emergencies , etc.

Sailing Camps

Our sailing camps and voyages let young people discover their true potential through the experience of sail training.

Riovela runs hands-on sailing courses for children age 9 and above, college students, corporate team building activities, or groups of adults who want to learn sail and have fun on the water.

Conditions for participation
Age: 12 years, with the signature of a parent or a guardian present.
Physical and mental condition: normal mobility and agility, able to swim and be comfortable in the water. Consult your doctor before participating.
Release of Liability: to be signed when purchasing.

Add two travel days round trip. There are workshops of 1 day to 6 days. The sailing camps last at least 7 days. Cruises last 5-10 days.


May be present in the classroom but cannot go on board the boats.

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 Riovela Boat Club.

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  1. Francisco Garcia

    Es una buena experiencia, para poder aprender a navegar y especialmente para los jóvenes que les gusta el mar.

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