Learn to do Stand Up Paddleboarding brasilia, Brazil


Learn to do Stand Up Paddleboarding Brasilia, Brazil

Katanka  00520849

Katanka is one of the pioneers of this sport in Brazil. Since 2007, we paddle this SUP boards. The sport quickly became popular in Brasilia, as the city offers the perfect weather conditions for this activity.

SUP is the easiest boardsport to practice if it’s done with the right equipment. This is another factor that greatly favors the development of Stand Up Paddleboarding. You can come and do SUP with a group of friends or family. Everyone will enjoy it to the fullest!

SUP is mostly done as a leisure activity but it can be practiced as a competitve sport. It is a complete sport that uses the entire body and head. A SUP trip to the lake, in Club Katanka is an amazing experience.

Katanka is your way into this wonderful sport. You can rent or buy your equipment. Besides the Katanka Club also offers SUP Yoga classes during the weekends.


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