Learn to dive in Paraguayan waters asuncion, Paraguay

Scuba Dive Paraguay

Learn to dive in Paraguayan waters Asuncion, Paraguay

Scuba Dive Paraguay  00290670

SDP - Scuba Dive Paraguay

SDP is the first school of Diving in Paraguay, creates given in 1.996 by two friends who apacionaron for the sport and decided to disclose that passion right through the organization of diving courses in Asuncion, Paraguay
For more than Paraguay is a Mediterranean country, we want people d enuestro country has the oportimidad know that besides the beautiful landscapes that exist on the earth; the beauty we have in the bottom of the seas, rivers and oceans is incredible and worth watching.
We organize diving courses hiring professionals also passionate about this sport. They are experts coming from Brazil to convey their conocimeintos and track courses closely.

After 15 years doing this continue cultivating the same passion.

 Scuba Dive Paraguay.

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