Learn to dive in a Certified Academy montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo Diving School

Learn to dive in a Certified Academy Montevideo, Uruguay

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Montevideo Diving School, is a diving school associated with various institutions seeks to promote various activities that are linked to nature, in the desire that each of its members to participate in the most diverse adventures that can offer our planet, from diving in the remotest depths, climbing and climbing mountains to whale watching.
Not only certify PADI International Brevet; we offer the best personalized education, especially looking through training in all disciplines the best performance by providing our members with the greater confidence in what they do.

In Montevideo, in Club Juventus and Club Náutico we are making to members thereof, a course Discover Snorkeling Padi totally free, if you want to score in this activity you need to contact us or Physical Department of the institution. You can also perform more advanced courses in charge of Montevideo Diving Diving schoolhouse. 

The freediving is more than a sport - it's an art and a discipline.
Think for a moment. You dive with energy, down 10 meters or more with only the air in your lungs. Controlling the urge to breathe so, using little energy as possible, you begin to stalk your prey with a rifle or a camera in hand, moving silently through the deep blue until the desire to breathe becomes too large. Then you shoot to the surface to take the life-giving air we all need, only to repeat the same sequence over and over again.

Implementing technical training in pool

At this point I must stress that if you use the following information, you must train with a partner who can monitor your progress if you exceed your limits and suffer Blackout. The added benefit of training with a partner is that each diver gives a baseline to measure progress. And you also have a buddy to dive regularly.

 Montevideo Diving School.

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