Learn the movements of the Arabic Bellydance santiago-de-chile, Chile

Natalia Bellydance

Learn the movements of the Arabic Bellydance Santiago De Chile, Chile

Natalia Bellydance  00567900

Learn to dance Raks Sharqi a dance that includes movements of Egyptian folklore, classical dance and contemporary with large displacements, turns and movements of all parts of the body, but especially of the hip.

To this we add the choreography, the positive contributions that provide music therapy as primitive sounds generated by ancient instruments such as the lute, the rebab, Persian tar or derbake, and dreamy atmosphere and always woke legend Arabian nights, and revives in every chord of this ancient dance.

 General Contents Bellydance

- Stretching
- Technical Movements of Basic Level, Intermediate and Advanced
- Tours and travel Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
- Technical Brazos Basic Intermediate and Advanced
- Integrated Fitness to Dance
- Playing Dance
- Choreography step

In Arabic it is known as raqs sharqi رقص شرقي ("Dance of the East" or "oriental dance"). It is also sometimes referred to as raqs baladi رقص بلدي ("national" dance "folk"). The Raks Baladi is a very basic dance with virtually no displacement and mainly hip movements. The evolution of this dance it is called belly dance or Raks Sharki in Egypt.

The term "Belly Dance" (in Spanish 'belly') is according to some poor transcription of the term designating the style of dance Beledi or Baladi and usually attributed to Sol Bloom, entertainment director at the Chicago World's Fair 1893 .

 Natalia Bellydance.

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