Learn rockclimbing on the Morro de la Guarita caracas, Venezuela

Huellas  Aventuras Y Expediciones

Learn rockclimbing on the Morro de la Guarita Caracas, Venezuela

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Beginners Program.
If you want to learn the basics and live a first experience in rock climbing, this is the program you need, is designed for those with no prior knowledge in climbing, all you need is your spirit of adventure. All practices are developed in piñata or top-rope (rope above).
Duration: 2 days.
Location: Morro Guarita Park in Indio Cuevas del Cafetal, Caracas.
Prerequisite: No previous experience

The start of a very special as mountaineering and rock climbing sport, must be in a serious and disciplined way, is why it is recommended to beginners participation in introductory programs by trained and experienced staff.

Training in these activities requires a series of learning and knowledge of very specific techniques, making it necessary to know leverage our resources and capabilities and thus obtain at our disposal all the tools to conduct safely any activity in the mountains.

 Huellas Aventuras y Expediciones.

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