Learn Rock Climbing in Mexico City mexico-city, Mexico

Adventure Hunters Mexico

Learn Rock Climbing in Mexico City Mexico City, Mexico

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You’ve never been rock-climbing before? Or you have but you’re far from being a pro?
Come with us to the terrace of Mexico City – Ehecatl (the Wind Hill). Apart from over 40 climbing walls, this spot offers breathtaking view over the city. You’ll learn the basic climbing techniques, knots, the basics of anchoring and belaying- all the essentials you need to make this day both safe and fun. Enjoy your rock-climbing “intro” while savoring the views!
No equipment needed, just you and your eagerness to learn!
You’ll meet your guide around 8 a.m. and go straight to the foot of Ehecatl. After a short hike you’ll get ready for climbing, with your instructor’s help and monitoring. There will be some snacks available to keep your energy level up until the afternoon.
Includes: transport, rock-climbing gear and instructor, snacks
Length: 1 day
Recommendations: it’s necessary to bring a hat and a waterproof jacket(in the rainy season), you also need comfortable clothing, sunblock, enough water for the day (no shops nearby)
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