Learn Kiteboarding in one day carolina, Puerto Rico

15 Knots Kiteboarding School

Learn Kiteboarding in one day Carolina, Puerto Rico

15 Knots Kiteboarding School  00358740

You have seen people Kiteboarding, and flown power kites in the past and you are crossing over from another board sport like Windsurfing, Wakeboarding, Surfing or Snowboarding. You want to try Kiteboarding for a day to see if it’s for you but want to do so in a safe environment with professionals that can teach you patiently and in a logistical way. You aren’t familiar with Kiteboarding safety. If so, then this is the course for you!

On a nice kite friendly beach setting, nice side shore constant winds, warm tropical temperatures, sunny skies and clear beaches, you will get to experience kiteboarding for the first time. The goal is to provide you the knowledge and skills so you can become a responsible self sufficient kiteboarder.

 15 Knots Kiteboarding School.

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