Learn how to surf like a pro at Cozumel´s beautiful beaches cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel Surfing

Learn how to surf like a pro at Cozumel´s beautiful beaches Cozumel, Mexico

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Have you always wanted to learn how to surf? Cozumel is the ideal place to start, with its soft rolling waves and large undeveloped beaches on “The Other Side.”

Allow Surf Champion, Nacho Gutierrez, to get you started. With safety being his first priority, Nacho will teach you everything you need to know in order to ensure that you have the time of your life and that you catch that first wave.


What is Included in C.S. Surf Package

  • First, a one-of-kind surf experience, courtesy of Cozumel Surfing!  Surfing with us will be unlike anything that you have ever done, and many of our customers have said that is was the highlight of their entire trip.
  • Second, surfing equipment (boards, leashes, wax, and rash guards) is included in the bulk price.  We have a wide array or boards at the shop, and will hand select which boards to bring according to group size and ability. We also tend to bring extras along in case people want to try different boards, which means there will be about a dozen to select from.
  • Third, drinks and some snacks will be provided.  We will make sure that we have water to keep you hydrated.  Surfing is a sport, and you will work up a thirst.  We can also get any other beverages that you would like if you notify us ahead of time.
  • Fourth, a 30/60 minute on beach lesson prior to surfing is included.  It is important that we first teach you the basic mechanics of surfing before we just charge out into the ocean.  Here on the beach we will practice surfing techniques so that you feel more comfortable out in the waves.
  • Fifth, two 1 hour 15 minute assisted surf sessions are included.  During these sessions, Nacho and other instructors will be out in the ocean with you helping you catch waves and ensuring your safety.  As you get more comfortable with being on your board in the ocean, you can rely less and less on these instructors; however, their priority is your safety and your experience.  Until you are ready to try to catch some on your own, they will be right there, helping you along the way.


 Cozumel Surfing.

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