Learn how to ride waves in Costa Rica dominical-beach, Costa Rica

Green Iguana Surf Camp

Learn how to ride waves in Costa Rica Dominical Beach, Costa Rica

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Day 1- First lesson, held during low to medium tide at Dominical Beach. This lesson teaches you the fundamentals, and how to stay safe in the ocean. You'll learn about surfing etiquette; how to avoid accidents in the water, which surfer has the right-of-way, and how to give and receive courtesy in the surf. The first part of the lesson is spent on the beach, where you'll learn about the effects that tide, wind, and swell direction have on the surf, how to read ocean swells, and how to read and avoid rip currents. The rest of the first lesson is spent in the water, learning how to paddle your board, getting up to your feet, and riding some fun little waves.

Day 2- Day two is where you step it up a notch, from the whitewater waves to the outside break. Lesson two teaches you how to paddle out to the main lineup, how to deal with incoming waves, how to sit up on your board (tougher than it sounds), and how to paddle into waves and get up to your feet. 
Lessons two and on are normally held at several other beaches south of Dominical, including Playas Dominicalito, Hermosa, and Ballena, in order to find the best waves for the day's conditions. These are all very beautiful, secluded beaches, ideal for surfing in Costa Rica.

Days 3-On On The next series of lessons are held at the area's beachbreaks. These lessons are designed to teach you to ride the face of the wave, with the main focuses being on wave judgment and timing, catching waves with correct form and getting up to your feet properly, and learning how to make some basic turns. The object of these lessons is to build up muscle memory - a term that refers to the body's ability to learn a particular movement, after many repetitions, without the mind consciously thinking about it, which is very important when you're learning to take off on a wave. Surfing Costa Rica with Green Iguana Surf Camp will give you the knowledge and skill you need to keep on surfing, whether at home, or on future surfing destinations!

 Green Iguana Surf Camp.

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