Learn Flyboard with an Introductory Flight panama-city, Panama

Panama Flyboard

Learn Flyboard with an Introductory Flight Panama City, Panama

Panama Flyboard  00598923

Is it very hard to learn how to fly? This is the question that everyone has when you first see our equipment. Flying on a Flyboard is much easier than it seems, when given proper instruction, most people will be out of the water in the first 5 minutes and after 20 minutes or less, you can have the basic knowledge and certainly a good control of the equipment.

Panama Flyboard is the official home of the new water sport that is revolutionizing the world. No matter if you want to fly to 12m high, swim like a dolphin or just be that person everyone sees on his shoulders for having the coolest toy in the marina, we have it all for you. The Flyboard experience is an experience like no other! Come and join us in your introductory flight and when you're ready to purchase your own equipment, we will help you in everything you need!

 Panama Flyboard.

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