Learn Arabic Belly Dance santiago-de-chile, Chile

Seyyal Bellydancer

Learn Arabic Belly Dance Santiago De Chile, Chile

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Arabian Dance School Seyyal was inaugurated in March 2009. Comfortable facilities are located in General Holley Pedestrian Walkway Dept. # 186. F - 3rd floor, Providencia, Santiago.
Classes are held on the basis of an annual program and a teaching method, based on the systematic development of the technical, practical and theoretical of Arabic dance for the training of professionals and teachers.
All bellydance classes are dictated by its director Seyyal, providing personalized attention to each student.

Ballet "Dreams of Arabia", was formed in August 2009 by its director Seyyal due to the interest of enhancing the technical and artistic skills of their students.

The school´s principal commitment is a high level of preparedness, responsibility and discipline, which will be also required from the student, with the sole aim of achieving excellence in their development as bellydancer. Furthermore, you will learn the universal vocabulary of dance, techniques, styles, domain elements, posture, turns and theoretical knowledge.


The classes are in groups and are divided by level:
- 1st base year
- Intermediate 2nd year
- 3 ° intervening year advanced
- Advanced 4th year
- 5th year higher and further

General program of study

- Technique belly
- Oriental Bellydance, stylized, modern, fusion and fantasies
- Folk Dances
- Traditional Dances
- History, music and rhythms
- Management of elements (counting the 2nd academic year)

Benefits for regular students

- Personalized Education
- Theoretical Material
- Conference of Arab culture
- Rhythmology applied to dance
- Practice with live percussionists
- Availability of room for testing
- Discounts on seminars
- Annual reviews
- Annual exhibition of students
- Private Certification

 Seyyal Bellydancer.

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