Learn about the history of chocolate and how it's made antigua-guatemala, Guatemala


Learn about the history of chocolate and how it's made Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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Who doesn't like chocolate?

On top of being a delicious treat, chocolate has a fascinating story and is surrounded by infinite surprising facts. Come and see what real cacao looks like and make your own chocolates to take home with you.

We source the best quality cacao beans and then process them to obtain delicious chocolates. When you visit us here at the ChocoMuseo you will be able to see the chocolate making process from the cacao bean to the chocolate bar.  Participating in this chocolate making workshops will be an unforgettable experience!

We also offer you: 

  • Free access to interactive museum about cacao and chocolate.
  • Access to factory to view artisanal chocolate-making from bean to bar.
  • Cafeteria with coffee and chocolate drinks and desserts
  • Shop with cacao and chocolate delicacies and souvenirs.

 ChocoMuseo .

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