Kayaking on the river through Pumalin Park puerto-natales, Chile

Chile Nativo

Kayaking on the river through Pumalin Park Puerto Natales , Chile

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Join us to learn a unique destination, full of adventures around Pumalin Park. Paddle, following the course of pristine rivers and open sea in one of the most spectacular areas around Pumalin national parks. We work with specialist guides who have explored the channels, fjords, rivers and lakes at the end of the American continent.

Kayaking in Pumalin Park:

We go straight to the heart of Pumalin Park and travel along the fjords of Quintupeo and Cahuelmó, both of extraordinary beauty which only compares to Fjord Land in New Zealand. On this trip we will row between huge granite walls and waterfalls falling into the sea and we can observe the abundant flora and fauna such as austral dolphins, sea lions and many birds, many of them endemic of the place ... and especially enjoy the baths thermal of Cahuelmo.

 Chile Nativo.

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