Jungle tour to the indigenous Warao Jakera falcon, Venezuela

Araguato Expeditions

Jungle tour to the indigenous Warao Jakera Falcon, Venezuela

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The Orinoco Delta is a vast region located in the far east of Venezuela, where the Orinoco river divides into multiple pipes which seek their outlet to the Atlantic through thick swampy jungle. The riverbanks are covered by lush mangrove vegetation and rainforest that are home to the Warao indigenous group characterized by its ability to adapt to this unique aquatic environment, to the point that the name of ethnicity ("Warao ") means" men canoe "

Visit the Orinoco Delta will bring us to the majesty of the main river of Venezuela, to get into this unique ecosystem formed by intrinsic streams and creeks, backwoods, where flora and fauna live in perfect harmony with the natives of the area, who learn about their customs and traditions.

"Jakera" is the greeting of the Warao Indians who inhabit this wonderful place and with it we welcome you and invite you to join one of our visits to this important plant lung cradle of ancient traditions

Araguato Expeditions offers two tinerarios trip to the Delta. They mainly differ in duration adapting to time you have available for the visit. All itineraries described begin and end in San José de Buja (Maturin) and Araguato you can provide all the necessary means of transport to complete your itinerary from anywhere in the country where you are.

 Araguato Expeditions.

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