Join us as a construction volunteer and help build homes for Guatemalan families! antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

Constru Casa

Join us as a construction volunteer and help build homes for Guatemalan families! Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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Volunteering at Constru CASA, improving the quality of life of Guatemalans through construction

Volunteering at Constru Casa offers a unique cultural experience. Our volunteers share intensive work time with the local masons, and have the opportunity to live with an underprivileged Guatemalan family, all the while contributing to improve their lives through the building of a new home. You can also enjoy one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Guatemala—Antigua!

Constru Casa houses are built by local construction workers and their assistants. At least one member of the beneficiary family will also help build. Construction volunteers and the family member work with and under the direction of the masons. 

How long does it take to build a home? 

It takes approximately two weeks to build a complete house. We encourage volunteers to work for two weeks in order to witness and particpate in the entire process of building a home from start to finish. 

Construction sites

The work sites vary considerably, depending on rural or community settings and the general context of the family.  Construction can occur in the outskirts of Antigua in the surrounding villages as well as in more rural communties. 

Constru CASA volunteer: 

  • Assits in the construction process: digging foundations, carrying materials (including concrete block, sand and rocks), mixing concrete, and generally helping the masons in their tasks.
  • Will recieve an orientation upon arrival, as well as informaiton about the construction project and assistance during their stay.
  • Does not require a level of Spanish to volunteer
  • For home-stay options, please contact Constru CASA directly with your preferences 

Requirements of the volunteer: 

Volunteers typically make a donation to a project in order to cover its costs. This donation can be paid upon arrival to the project. 

  • Individual donation, US $500
  • Group donation (10-15 people), US $4,500

More about us:

Constru Casa was founded in 2004 by a Dutch civil engineer who visited Guatemala and saw a need to help improve the quality of life of Guatemalan families in poverty. Constru CASA started initiated with a project of 10 homes and has today, helped hundreds of families in Guatemala through the construction of more than 800 homes. 

For more information about Constru CASA and its programs, visit

If you need assistance in finding a place to stay, please visit our Hotels and Vacation Rental category. 

If you are interested in learning Spanish during your stay, please visit our Learning and Discovery category. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



 Constru Casa.

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