Interact with dolphins in the beautiful beach of Puerto Vallarta puerto-vallarta, Mexico

Wildlife Connection

Interact with dolphins in the beautiful beach of Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Wildlife Connection  00245242

Wildlife Connection is indeed your real connection to Mexico’s wildlife.



Wildlife Connection offers you the opportunity to visit these fabulous animals in their natural environment and to participate in a research project that helps us understand and protect our dolphins here in Puerto Vallarta. Come with us and interact with a Bottlenose pod. Our guides are professional biologists who will share with you their knowledge, making this excursion a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Remember that these dolphins are not confined and this is the NATURAL WAY to observe and enjoy them.

Do not contribute to capturing more dolphins! Visit them in their own environment because FREE DOLPHINS ARE HAPPY DOLPHINS!!!.



The tour goes to visit a resident bottlenose dolphin group and sometimes we find spotted dolphins. There is a hydrophone on board so you have a nice chance to hear the dolphins communication. Depending on the dolphin’s type group, activity and of course their mood we have good chances to swim with them specially if there are juveniles around (they are very curios), but we can’t guarantee the swimming as they are wild animals so it depends on them not on us. Only during Dec-Mar we can see Humpback whales, spinner dolphins, rough toothed dolphins, giant mantas and marine turtles, and even with luck Orcas or False Orcas. Our guides are specialists in cetaceans, Biologists with Masters Degree in Marine Ecology, Science Journalist and Professional Wildlife Photographer (National Geographic magazine and Animal Planet). We have some research programs with whales and dolphins, and during the tour we will share with you this information and you will have the opportunity to participate on our research. Your participation on our tour it’s what makes our research possible, and our research and experience helps us to GUARANTEE 100% that we can find the animals if not your money back.

 Wildlife Connection.

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