Inka Grill, Creole, Peruvian and international cuisine cusco, Peru

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Inka Grill, Creole, Peruvian and international cuisine Cusco, Peru

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A prime location in the heart of the city , a warm and friendly atmosphere and the commitment and dedication of our team , coupled with a recognized and strong culinary quality , have kept alive the Inka Grill for over fifteen years as a gastronomic classic that can not be missed.
Inka Grill, is the first restaurant in our chain that reaches the majestic Plaza of Armas in Cusco since 1998,  pioneered as the gastronomic revolution in the city.
We offer an international menu perfectly amalgamated with the Peruvian flavors and adapted to suit all tastes , which highlights the comforting soup bird and quinoa.
Our menu reinvents international dishes in its original concept , from pastas , pizzas and sandwiches to vegetarian dishes and unforgettable desserts .

 Cusco Restaurants.

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