Humpback Whale watching tour in Cozumel puerto-vallarta, Mexico

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Humpback Whale watching tour in Cozumel Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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The Magnificent Humpback Whale

Humpback whales, Bryde’s whales and a wide variety of dolphins including Orcas inhabit the waters of Bahia de Banderas during the winter and spring months. For its geographic location, weather and oceanographic features, this bay has been chosen as an important breeding ground by many species such as the Humpback whale.

Known as the most active of all baleen whales, the Humpback whale can be seen in this region from November through April displaying their acrobatic abilities and social behaviors.

Ocean Friendly Tours offers daily and customized tours to discover the realm of whales. dolphins and other species on the enormous bay off Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. All tours are led by a bilingual marine scientist, naturalists and a specialized safety crew.

 Ocean Friendly.

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