Horseback expedition at Cochamo Valley cochamo, Chile

Cabalgatas Cachamó

Horseback expedition at Cochamo Valley Cochamo, Chile

Cabalgatas Cachamó  00575909

Explore our beautiful region on horseback with Ciro, who knows better than anyone the secrets of the surrounding mountains, forests and rivers, and will share them all with you on an adventurous horseback tour.

Camp under the stars or stay in the homes of locals in their "refugios"; enjoy typical Chilean food (barbecued lamb)

Cochamo Valley:

Legend tells that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid used the more than 100-year-old trade trail through Cochamó Valley to herd their cattle down for sale in the nearby village of Cochamó. Both village and valley get their name from the local and glacial Cochamó river, which joins the waters of the South Pacific at the Relonclavi Estuary. 
The valley has faced threats to its delicate environment in the past, so come with us on foot or on horseback to preserve the magnificent area. 
See some of Chile's noblest wildlife, from pumas and pudus to ibis and wheeling condors; pass alerce trees up to 4,000 years old, and bathe in the rainforest's numerous waterfalls.
Known as the Chilean Yosemite, sharing a composition of old woodland and granite domes, it is also similarly popular; trekkers and climbers coming from miles around to the numerous walls and unspoilt woodland for excursions. An attractive location for experts, novists and enthusiasts alike, it is yet to be spolit by the tourist industry. 

 Cabalgatas Cachamó.

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