Have a walk through the favelas rio-de-janeiro, Brazil

Favela Tour

Have a walk through the favelas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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All visits consist of walking through the community at a leisurely pace. There will be plenty of time to rest, stop for a snack, drink or use restroom facilities. Some of the visits include eating at a restaurant. We are not clockwatchers and enjoy what we do. So, when you book a tour, expect that the tour may end up longer. If you have restrictions on time, please let us know in advance. 

A favela is the Brazilian equivalent of a shanty town, or squatter settlement, which are generally found on the edge of the city. They have electricity, but often not formally. Favelas are constructed from a variety of materials, ranging from bricks to wood and anything else the people can use. Many favelas are very close and very cramped. Most lack adequate sewage and electricity. Although many of the most famous favelas are located in Rio de Janeiro, there are favelas in almost every large Brazilian town.

In Rio one in every four “Cariocas” (as the inhabitants are called) lives in a Favela. The city of Rio de Janeiro itself does not legally recognize the existence of favelas. The name originates from a species of plant with thorny leaves that grows in the semi-arid North-East region.

 Favela Tour.

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