Have a blast with Crazy Cantina Tours cozumel, Mexico

Crazy Cantina

Have a blast with Crazy Cantina Tours Cozumel, Mexico

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Join us in mixology madness at Crazy Cantina’s Mixology Tour! The entertaining bartenders or “Cantineras” will have you shaking, muddling and mixing some of Mexico’s finest cocktails. During this hands on tour learn to mix the classic La Paloma, a Pineapple-Chile Margarita, and the delicious Crazy Cantina Cocktail to name a few. 
Enjoy testing your bar skills, participate in competitive Cantina games, all the while munching on tasty bar snacks! Afterwards continue the tour by exploring Discover Mexico Park, a beautiful miniature archaeological park full of Mexican culture and surprises.

Come have some real fun with us!!


 Crazy Cantina.

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