Happiness program by Art of Living Guatemala City guatemala-city, Guatemala

Art Of Living

Happiness program by Art of Living Guatemala City Guatemala City, Guatemala

Art of Living  017132314

About the course:

Three-day seminar to connect effortlessly with the inexhaustible source of energy and well-being that resides within you.

Through your own breathing you can eliminate the accumulated toxins as a product of stress.

What am I going to learn?

  • Stress reduction
  • Breathing techniques
  • Deep rest
  • Emotion management

Scientific benefits:

These breathing techniques and experiential dynamics will help you connect with the everyday world from a place of serenity, concentration and clarity. During the course you will learn:

How to deal with stress Decrease anxiety and depression Transform negative emotions How to calm your mind Get more attention and concentration Strengthen your body and improve your health

You will learn the powerful SKY® breathing technique that balances the biological rhythms: body-mind-emotions and is the backbone of the course.

You will learn the techniques of pranayama (conscious breathing) that will help you fall asleep and relax your mind.

You work with the body, learn about the mechanisms of the mind and perform the deep breathing session, the Sudarshan Kriya technique.

We use the breath to free the body of feelings such as anxiety, fatigue, unwanted habits, among others.

Place: Pradera concepción km 15 carretera al Salvador
Hour: 07:00 a 10:00 am
Date: friday 25, saturday 26 y sunday 27 in October
Price: Q1200 / $150 efectivo o visa
Contact: Katia Nuñez 5630 7712 / Titi Contreras 4770 7099

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 Art of Living.

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