Guided Road Trips with The Traveling Beetle mexico-city, Mexico

The Traveling Beetle

Guided Road Trips with The Traveling Beetle Mexico City, Mexico

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Our guided tours, self-drives, city tours and short getaways are designed to show you some of the best of what Mexico has to offer: from the gems of Mexico’s colonial past to the jungles and teal-colored waters of the Pacific. 

During the course of your road trip, you will travel to the heartland of Mexico, home to some of the country’s most exquisite colonial cities, towns and villages. You will discover Mexico’s colonial past and at the same time get a rare insight into the way the country lives today. So get ready to Beetle your way on a fabulous journey through time… Self-drives: Hit the road on your own; we'll map out the best itinerary, book the finest hotels and share all our tips and favorite spots for a successful journey.

Perhaps some of you will wonder why we chose the Beetle as our exclusive means of transportation to visit Mexico. We have more than one answer to that question. First and foremost, we all love the Beetle for its legendary design, robustness and cult status. Second, the story of the Beetle is intimately intertwined with that of Mexico’s modern history

Originally designed in Germany in 1934 as the “peoples’ car” (Volkswagen), the Beetle is perhaps one of the greatest cars ever built. Simple yet extremely reliable, few cars – if any – have aged without a wrinkle the way it has. Sure, manufacturers have since developed higher-performance engines and better aerodynamics but have any of them even come close to creating a car with the universal appeal and exceptional longevity of the Beetle?

 The Traveling Beetle.

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