Guazapa volcano hiking adventure san-salvador, El Salvador

Guazapa Tours

Guazapa volcano hiking adventure San Salvador, El Salvador

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The Guazapa Volcano: Today is a dormant volcano that poses no danger of eruption. Guazapa consists both smaller hills . Most of the volcano is covered with different plant communities with tree strata of different ages and ecological importance with a preliminary de260 wild plant species belonging to 83 families list , there is also abundant wildlife and 21 species of mammals , among which stand out : The white-tailed deer coyotes, armadillos raccoons, ocelots micoleón among others. There are approximately 16 species of amphibians and reptiles of vital importance to conservation areas. The maximum height Guazapa volcano is 1420 m with an average climate of 22 degrees Celsius with rainfall 2200 winter season cubic meters. The forest type that has a subtropical humid micro basins fed has the largest wetland Cerrón .


Besides the natural wealth available to the volcano has an important historical wealth for its indigenous settlements that existed in the indigenous surroundings in time. History of the rise of indigo production in the years 1826-1860 , and most recently as a strategic bastion Guazapa insurgent forces during the civil war in El Salvador in the early 80s where you can still find vestiges as former camps , trenches and bomb shelters used by guerrilla forces from the area .

Beautiful scenery , towering heights , striking Historical Tours and Wealth ... have to experience it , you will not regret it !

History and Nature Walk :
It consists of a walk through the mountain paths Guazapa Volcano, former touring guerrilla camps , trench , armadillos and bomb shelters used by the guerrillas during the armed conflict , you can also appreciate the abundant nature of the tour takes place at average height of the volcano ( 700msnm ) and takes approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Hiking Adventure :
Includes a tour of the highest areas of Guazapa ( 1200msnm ) where you can see the best and most beautiful scenery in the north of El Salvador including the ancient volcano crater Guazapa and rock formations. The tour lasts approximately 5 to 6 hours.

Horseback riding:
An exciting adventure of knowing the Guazapa volcano through a journey on horseback through the mountain paths visiting historical sites as well as appreciating the nature and attractive panoramic views. With approximately 3 to 4 hours.               

Mountain Camp :
Live the adventure of the night amidst the tranquility of the mountains and appreciate a sunset and a sunrise surrounded by nature adorned with the song of the birds , breathing fresh unpolluted air .

The camping area has a kitchen area, bathrooms , showers, solar and tents are provided .

This service is provided only to groups of 6 people or more.

Leisure :
For seniors who just want to unwind and relax in or out of the city environment offers the right place to be able to do with a distance of 20 minutes walk from where the vehicle is allowed to reach the place , hammocks are provided , utensils and cooking area .


Additional Services:

Suchitoto transport to the starting point to the volcano. 
Food service on the mountain groups of 6 and more. 
Food service to smaller groups of 5 people in the community.

 Guazapa Tours.

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