Get your dose of adrenaline in a Paintball Battlefield miraflores, Peru

Aventura Extrema

Get your dose of adrenaline in a Paintball Battlefield Miraflores, Peru

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Paintball is a sport in which participants use markers powered by compressed air, CO2 or other gases, to shoot small balls filled with paint to other players. In essence it is a complex strategy game in which the players hit by paintballs during the game are eliminated from the round temporarily, and sometimes permanently depending on the playing mode.

Normally in a paintball game 2 teams face againts each other to eliminate all opposing players or complete an objective (such as capturing a flag or eliminate a particular player) face. A set of a non-professional paintball game usually lasts about five minutes to half an hour.

We are a Social Events and Sports Company, and our main goal is to offer our clients extreme fun.

 Aventura Extrema.

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