Feel the adrenaline while doing canopy in Bolivia yolosa, Bolivia

Zip Line Bolivia

Feel the adrenaline while doing canopy in Bolivia Yolosa, Bolivia

Zip Line Bolivia  00333715
The morning shift is a great opportunity for people who are staying in Coroico or at La Senda Verde Eco-lodge and Animal Refuge to enjoy the Zipline at a leisurely pace.  The mornings are less rushed than the afternoons because the majority of the bike riders down "The World's Most Dangerous Road" don't arrive to Yolosa until after 1pm.

If you are interested in doing the Zipline in the morning you can take a taxi or combi from Coroico down the hill (20-30 minutes) to Yolosa and you will find our office just across the bridge.  Once you sign-up in our office we will take care of everything including equipment, transport to the start of the zipline, safety briefings, guides and of course all the adrenaline you can handle.

This adventure activity, known in English as a “Zipline” or a “Flying Fox” or in Spanish as a “Tirolinea/maroma,” consists of traveling rapidly along cables suspended above a valley or forest through the use of a harness and pulley system attached to the cables.

“Zzip the Flying Fox” has been constructed to provide an especially exciting version of a Zipline with long stretches of steel cable (464m , 505m y 587m respectively - 1555m in total) suspended hundreds of meters above the valley floor and tensioned to enable participants to reach speeds of up to 85km/hr.  “Zzippers” descend sitting in a harness that is attached to the cable via a pulley and various security tapes.  “Zzippers” also wear a helmet and thick gloves. After descending at full speed the natural curve of the cable slows the “Zzipper” before they arrive at the next base station, or the “Zzipper” can apply a brake to slow down more.

 Zip Line Bolivia.

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