Explore the salt lake of Uyuni on this extreme motorcycle ride santa-cruz, Bolivia

Bolivia Motorcycle Adventures

Explore the salt lake of Uyuni on this extreme motorcycle ride Santa Cruz, Bolivia

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Did you ever imagine yourself riding a motorcycle across the spectacular roads of South America?  Ride across the largest salt lake or down the most dangerous road in the world?  Swim in a hot water lake or climb up to 5,000 + meters?   Meet indigenous tribes and visit ancient temples?  Navigate high mountain roads with breathtaking views or steaming tropical valleys with lazy rivers you have to cross by canoe or suspension- bridge?

Did you?   Well, now you can do all that and much more. And without the hassle of organizing it all or the fear of getting lost in the Amazon jungle.

All you have to do is choose one of our  tours, hop onto a plane and from the moment you arrive here at the airport, up until the moment you leave via the same airport, we take care of everything.

That sounds easy, but trust us, choosing which tour you want to do is only the first challenge.

We are based in the "elbow off the Andes", about 100 km west from Santa Cruz. This is also the place where our adventures start, usually after a nice relaxed day to acclimatize and get rid of jetlag.

The guides are Dutch (and speak English, Dutch, German and Spanish)  and they are experienced "motorcycle travelers".  They have been living for several years in Bolivia, so they know the culture and the best way to get things done.

The motorcycles are recent Japanese dual sports bikes like Kawasaki KLR650,  Honda XR650R and XR650L and for the short riders we have the Suzuki DR650


 Bolivia Motorcycle Adventures.

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