Explore the Ancient lost city of Machupicchu cusco, Peru

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Explore the Ancient lost city of Machupicchu Cusco, Peru

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The journey from CUSCO to MACHUPICCHU village (known as “Aguas Calientes”) will last around 3 hours and a half. Once in the village of Machupicchu, we will take the bus to the inka citadel of MACHUPICCHU, where we will be guided during 3 hours and then the visitors will have the opportunity to walk the archeological site on their own. This mysterious and magical place will reveal us that it seems possible to stop time. We will observe every detail of its constructions and will see the complete perfection of its art by the quechuas, one of the greatest ancient cultures in the world. We will take the bus back to the village at the specified hour to be able to take the train back to Cusco. Once in Cusco we will take everybody to their hotels.

 AITA Peru.

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