Explore Panama City from the air panama-city, Panama

Panama Flight Adventures

Explore Panama City from the air Panama City, Panama

Panama Flight Adventures  00331712

Enjoy Panama's splendor, marvels of commerce and engineering, and biodiversity from the air.

This tour takes you up above and around one of the world's most important hubs to see the crowning achievement of 20th century engineering and technology, in full scale, layered against a beautiful "Lost World" of pristine jungle, islands, and beaches, as you soar like a bird.

An airplane offers speed and dexterity to ensure you see as much of this beautiful city and the impressive canal as possible and with as low a price tag as possible. If you want to add some adrenaline to your tour, take the Beechcraft T-34 (max one passenger) and have experience an optional loop and roll and some aerobatic fun in the sky!

 Panama Flight Adventures.

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