Explore Cusco's Inca ruins on a yoga hike cusco, Peru

Yoga Inbound Cusco

Explore Cusco's Inca ruins on a yoga hike Cusco, Peru

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Enjoy nature and the divine self. 

Hikes start at a predetermined time in the morning. We meet up at the San Blas Market for breakfast. From there we take the Capac Nan, an Ancient Inca Road to the jungle, up towards our first stop the Temple of the Monkeys. This is a natural rock formation modified by the Inca with carvings of monkeys and snakes and a blocked entrance to ancient underground tunnels. Sometimes one can still find coca or flower offerings left there, indicating its use as a ceremonial site. Here we will have a yoga asana class next to this temple.

The Temple of the Moon, for pranayama and meditation. The Temple of the Moon is a rock hill with many cave entrances and carvings. One of the main entrances depicts a puma, condor and a snake, symbolizing the Inca trilogy. Inside this cave there is an altar (that is still used today) and above the altar there is an opening from which certain nights the moon shines through.

Little Qenqo is a carved hill supported by some of the highest quality Inca walls in the city. Next to it there is a beautiful flat grassy area surrounded by a eucalyptus grove where we will have either an acro-flying yoga class, slacklining or mantra chanting session, upon request of the group.

 Yoga Inbound Cusco.

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