Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

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Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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Connect to Mayan cosmology at the source. We are fortunate to be close to our Mayan Ancestral roots and to hold space to express gratitude for our blessings in sacred gatherings of Mayan Fire ceremonies. 
 Indigenous communities and visitors participate in this mystical ritual for healing, cleansing energies, for clarity, to offer prayers, and re-connect to the life source and themselves. This is not a religious practice, but based on the belief that all of our destinies are interconnected. Everything that exists in nature has its reason for being, its function and its protector.
We invite you to experience this mystical ancestral ritual in sacred altars. 

  • 1-4 people
  • 2-4 hour Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony
  • Spiritual Guide
  • Your Mayan Nawal

What to Expect:

  • Experience a mystical and ancient ritual of the Mayans
  • Portal for finding connection to life source and yourself
  • Understanding your Mayan Nawal and the Mayan calendar

 More Info:

  • Please separate approximately ½ a day for the ceremony
  • Come with clear intentions
  • Wear comfortable light clothing as you will be surrounding the fire
  • You may want to bring your own water, sunscreen and sunhat
  • It is suggested to bring a snack to share with ceremony participants and/or flowers or something else to offer in the ceremony.

Everything has ears to listen, while everything communicates and speaks to us…

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