Experience the best of coffee in Nicaragua managua, Nicaragua

Café Las Flores

Experience the best of coffee in Nicaragua Managua, Nicaragua

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Café Las Flores is Nicaragua’s finest coffee company. For over three generations, our family has taken pride in producing coffee that has been carefully cultivated from start to finish.

The Café Las Flores’ family welcomes you to our landmark Hacienda El Progreso, on the Mombacho Volcano, overlooking the historic colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua. Located 700 meters above sea level, El Progreso provides the ultimate refuge from the city. We offer world class services along with the unforgettable hands on experience of visiting a working coffee farm. Enjoy a tour through our coffee plantations and take part in the process of Café Las Flores. During this experience, you’ll be up close and personal with a wide variety of flora and fauna that call our plantations their home. You will see native and migratory species of all kinds! Learn about the many steps that go into making a superb cup of coffee, from planting to picking to processing. Come see for yourself how our family’s commitment to our natural environment comes to life, as we implement sound agricultural practices and continuously benefit the community around us. Spend the day with us and take in the magnificent views, discover nature in its most authentic beauty, and sip on our delicious coffee!

Every step of our high quality process assures the perfect development of our specialty beans into a cup of coffee with unique and recognizable taste.
Visit Hacienda El Progreso, home of Café Las Flores, and enjoy a day on our working coffee farm. Let us be your insider’s guide to the best spots in Nicaragua.

 Café Las Flores.

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