Expedition to the Monturaqui crater in Chile, the biggest crater in all Southamerica san-pedro-de-atacama, Chile

Museo Del Meteorito

Expedition to the Monturaqui crater in Chile, the biggest crater in all Southamerica San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Museo del Meteorito  00452806

Monturaqui is the largest meteorite crater origin of Chile and the best preserved in all South America.

The explosion that caused this cosmic impact was equivalent to 2 atomic bombs of Hiroshima, generating temperatures that vaporized the meteorite along with local rock, ejecting in a split second 7 million cubic meters of earth which caused a total devastation of 3000 m around it.

Description of the activity :

90,000 years ago, south of the Salar of Atacama struck a large metal fragment detached from the nucleus of a differentiated asteroid, the violent explosion melted the meteorite with local rock, ejected towards the periphery of the crater solidified forming The impactite .

Experience focuses on finding and studying these impactite, evidence of meteoritic crater .

This expedition begins in the Meteorite Museum of San Pedro Atacama, where we learn about these sterall rocks and impacts occurred in the Atacama Desert.

The next day we start from your hotel in San Pedro at 7:00 am, arriving at approximately 10:30 am to the impact zone. The tour starts at the edge of the crater with a talk on their training and after an instructive recognition impactite we started finding these, until 1:00 pm approx.Then we get together and show our findings (in between a snack) and begin to prepare to start back, to visit the nearby oasis of Tilomonte and the village of Peine in which lunch takes place at 3:00 pm, returning to the Museum at 6:30 pm approx. to cut and polish the impactite in our field laboratory, exposing the Fe -Ni globules from the Meteor and applying the chemical nickel test, ionizing one of these cells, basic and conclusive proof that we are facing a meteorite fragment which you will be able to take home as a memento of your adventure. Concluding the expedition at approximately 8:00 pm.

 Museo del Meteorito.

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