expedition and rafting to Gran Sabana caracas, Venezuela

Ruta Salvaje

expedition and rafting to Gran Sabana Caracas, Venezuela

Ruta Salvaje  00645974

In the Gran Sabana there are several things that are unique in the world: Vegetation, Geology and Ríos.Esta expedition will make part of the exuberant nature with a distance of over 40 km of river in rafts.

Adventure begins with a 4x4 trip through the Gran Sabana to the valleys of the Bear viewpoint and from there we will have a spectacular view of the Tepuys Tramen, Karaurín, Wadaka, Yuruani and Kukenan. Then walk 1 hour to prepare an Indian camp where equipment and camp the first night.

The second day sail 4-5 hours by Karaurín River between forests and savannas with tepuys appearing in different parts of the trail, crossing small rapids and dodging rocks that make us attentive all the time, you may see wildlife such as otters, turtles, birds and capybaras. reach the end of the afternoon at the junction of the river with Yuruani Karaurín river and there we will have a challenging rapids between giant boulders jasper and the second night camping.

The third day, enjoy camping and rest of the stroke the previous day, can stay just resting and / or bathing us in the two rivers, making camitas to the viewpoints of the Tepui Wadaka and enjoying the amazing nature, where we are probably the only 40 Km radius.

The fourth day, dismantle camp and sailed for 2 or 3 hours in the Yuruani River, with faster and volume of water to the Salto Kunwiwa, 14 meters of pure raw energy, had lunch there and we prepare to rappel 20 meters and down all equipment by ropes. Then we played some challenging rapids and arrived at our place for camping.

Fifth day, after breaking camp sail 4 to Salto Arapena where we will walk behind the curtain of water and then sail the most exciting rapids of the journey to end our great adventure.


Transfers in vehicles, 4x4, specialized in all activities, breakfast and lunch, inn accommodation guides. (not including dinner).

 Ruta Salvaje.

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