Enjoy the views of Cuba`s in the most exiting car tours habana, Cuba

Cuba History Trips

Enjoy the views of Cuba`s in the most exiting car tours Habana, Cuba

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History Trip was founded in 1996. We specialize in sightseeing tours These tours are very popular with tourist. We therefore have decided to establish a branch in Cuba. We believe it will be a great success. We want tourists to enjoy the beauty of historical Havana.

This Caribbean gem has captivated travelers since Christopher Columbus. It is undoubtedly "paradise on Earth". La Habana is known for its popular "American cruisers" that still crisscross the busy streets that give not only Havana, but Cuba, the whole atmosphere of the extraordinary American fifties. History Trip offers you comfortable and fully refurbished cars. These cars represent the "Elite", who lived there until 1959. Each car has its own unique history

We are ready to provide a complete travel service for both - individuals as well as for groups.

We use these cars:

- Ford Thunderbird 1959 Convertible (last owner Mayer Lánský)

- Lincoln Capri (1953, only 2350 pieces was made)

- Lincoln Lido (1951, last owner - owner of Ford salons)

- Cadillac Eldorado cabriolet (1953)

- Dodge Coronet (1957)

Included in the price:

  • Pick up and drop off where ever the client decides.
  • Your driver will also provide tour guide service during the whole trip.
  • Services available 24 hrs a day
  • Tours offered in several languages: English, Spanish, Russian and Czech.

Special offer:

  • Clients will be able to drive our wonderful cars prior intruction. Driver's license type B will be required.
  • Time period: 20 minutes.
  • Course: Malecon Ave. from the National Hotel and returning to it. You will enjoy the best views and very comfortable traffic conditions.
  • Price: 40.00 €
 Cuba History Trips.

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