ENJOY THE SUITE IN THE FOREST retalhuleu, Guatemala

Takalik Maya Lodge


Takalik Maya Lodge  012431591
A magical place where to meditate and find himself with the history and nature is an experience that will never be erased from his memory.

A place in harmony between human nature , environment . In naturaral environment where there are times, cultures , flora and fauna. Where the past, present and future converge in one magical site .

Two comfortable suite, making them the updated whatever camera Maya Kingship representation.

They are immersed in the woods, built with local materials by local artisans. They have private bathroom, hot water, its own mezzanine and access paths .

The lighting is done by oil lamps or candles with oil lamps.
Takalik Maya Lodge is an eco-lodge , with verification of compliance with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria , has been appointed by the Rainforest Alliance, Conservation International Organisation as one of the ten top hotels ROMANTIC SUSTAINABLE IN LATIN AMERICA .

 Takalik Maya Lodge.

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