Enjoy the refreshing afternoon breezes at this rustic hostel on Lake Atitlan panajachel, Guatemala

Posada Schumann

Enjoy the refreshing afternoon breezes at this rustic hostel on Lake Atitlan Panajachel, Guatemala

Posada Schumann  008301175

Welcome to La Posada “Come stay with us.”

La Posada Schumann is on the shores of Lake Atitlan in San Marcos la Laguna, one of the smallest and most relaxing villages in the area. Its stone-paved pathways are lined with bougainvillea and many other eye-catching tropical plants. Lake Atitlan, in the Guatemalan Highlands, has been ranked as one of the world’s top 10 most beautiful, and Guatemala is in the top 10 best travel destinations. 

La Posada Schumann has a rustic appeal with modern conveniences. It is built of unfinished rock and earth tone walls, maintaining a rustic architecture, similar to Antigua’s colonial homes but with a more natural touch. Each room and bungalow has its singular décor using handmade Guatemalan textiles and restored traditional furniture. The rooms are connected by stone walkways that combine with complementary landscaping, lending a special close-to-nature feel. Each room was built to take advantage of its best possible views of the volcanoes and the lake, the sunrise, the silhouettes of the mountains at dusk, and the reflection of the full moon on the lake’s tranquil waters, just a part of the peace and relaxation that you will encounter.

Throughout the town of San Marcos there is abundant vegetation, predominated by trees - avocado, jocote, banana and coffee. 

If you would like a little more adventure, there is kayaking, mountain biking or hiking in the forested areas of the surrounding mountains that make this country so beautiful. Or, you can also enjoy the refreshing afternoon breezes near the lake shore. Finally, to help clear your mind and ease out your aches and stress, you can enjoy a steam bath Mayan style in a “temascal”, a sauna design used for centuries.

You can find all of this in this little paradise of eternal springtime for very little - come and share it with us.

 Posada Schumann.

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