Enjoy a tandem flight in Costa Rica! san-jose, Costa Rica

Parapente Costa Rica

Enjoy a tandem flight in Costa Rica! San Jose, Costa Rica

Parapente Costa Rica  00223633

What is a Paraglider?

A paraglider is anultralight, flexible, free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. Unlike parachutes, paragliders cannot be used to jump off an airplane but they have acquired a flying ability with very low descent or sink rates, excellent maneuverability and high security levels.


What is a Tandem Paraglider?

A tandem paraglider, is basically the same as a single-person paraglider but bigger. It is designed to hold the combined weight of its pilot and a passenger. It is frequently used to allow a non-experienced person, experiment the flying sensation, being the pilot the one that controls the paraglider. Both the passenger and the pilot fly on an individual comfortable harness with security mechanisms to protect the back. It can be done on both on a Paramotor or a Paraglider.


How my tandem flight is going to be?

All tandem flights require a reservation, that after confirmation, precedes the following steps:

  • Once on the launch site, your harness will be secured by an experienced flight assistant.
  • Pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight instructions, such as launching, landing, sitting tips, are given.
  • Take-off.
  • Flight (Fee#1 10-15min; Fee#2 20-30min).
  • Landing.
 Parapente Costa Rica.

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