ENJOY A NATURAL ENVIRONMENT IN Greengo's Hotel lanquin, Guatemala

Greengo´s Hotel

ENJOY A NATURAL ENVIRONMENT IN Greengo's Hotel Lanquin, Guatemala

Greengo´s Hotel  012481592

Fun activities surrounding our hotel are powered by nature. Our natural pool where the river passes Cahabon that allows for everyone to experience various adventures in the water like swimming and more.

 Most of the exploration of the lush area is on foot, minimizing the carbon footprint of all. Our hotel provides excellent contact with nature in ecological environment. Gardens are illuminated by energy efficiency, ecological light bulbs. Our electricity is coming soon augmented by local natural resources by generating automatic cleaning in the nearby natural stream.

Our rooms have an outlet. The cooling system in house Greengo Hotel / Hostel is provided by mother nature with a happy breeze thanks to the river that flows freely Cohabon. Electronic consumption is kept to a minimum as it encourages each guest to unwind and enjoy the impressive jungle landscape.

Wildlife conservation and contribute positively to the local community.

 Greengo´s Hotel.

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