Endurance Motocross Tracks in Chile santiago-de-chile, Chile

Circuito Lampa Fundo El Cerro

Endurance Motocross Tracks in Chile Santiago De Chile, Chile

Circuito Lampa Fundo el Cerro  009491326

The Enduro Circuit has varied characteristics of soil and difficulty. In summer the field appears dry and dusty, while in winter and after rain the grip is spectacular. The main difficulties are found in rocky terrain and other difficult areas.

The circuit can be divided into 2, one PROMO of 20 km length and another EXPERT of 22 km length.The difficulty level is medium high, although accompanied by an experienced a novice can cross it entirely.

The signage indicates the miles for reference or to be located easily in case of failure.

Come and give it a try, you will love it!

 Circuito Lampa Fundo el Cerro.

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