Encounter Cusco\'s Nature and Culture on a Horseback Tour cusco, Peru

Apupacha Horse Adventure

Encounter Cusco\'s Nature and Culture on a Horseback Tour Cusco, Peru

Apupacha Horse Adventure  00400773

This tour takes the whole day and 5 hours will be spent on the horseback. After a short  explanation on how to get to know your "Peruano de Paso" and a demonstration on how to ride this noble and graceful horse, our trup will commence. We will depart from the Maras village, where you will get a picture of the everyday life of the people who live there and where you can admire the typical facades of the Columbian houses. We will ride through spectacular places where few people come through and where nature puts on its best to impress you. Thanks to the horses, you will be able to closely observe the local farming and fishing activities; no other way of transport would allow you to do this. 

This beautiful adventure is experienced at only an hour and a half from Cuzco. You do not need any horse-riding experience to be able to participate in this magnificent activity. Bring your family and friends and enjoy another gift from the Peruvian land!

 Apupacha Horse Adventure.

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